Do you Need an Apple Watch?

 Do you need to rush out and buy an Apple Watch? Well, I would say there is no compelling reason . . . at the moment. Having said that, I have an Apple Watch and have worn it every day for a few months now and I love it.

Why do I like my Apple Watch?

  • I like to use it for monitoring activity – I used to have a Nike Fuelband to count steps and measure calories burned, but it died. Using the Apple Watch fills that gap now. I like that the Watch has the ability to specify using an elliptical.
  • I use it to pay using Apple Pay
  • I use my Watch occasionally to set timers using Siri – timing exercise on the elliptical, or how long burgers are on the grill
  • I occasionally will answer my phone using my Watch and talk “Dick Tracy Style” when I am not near my iPhone when it rings
  • I check my calendar for appointments
  • I have a ‘complication’ showing the current temperature

These are not exactly critical, compelling applications, but I like my Apple Watch. I’m glad I bought it and will continue to wear it every day. I had given up wearing a watch some years ago, relying on my cell phone for that function. Now with my Apple Watch it seems natural to glance at my wrist again.

The Apple Watch is not for everyone, but I am glad I have mine!


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