Product Review – KSB 3.5″ Hard Drive Storage Cases

KSB 3.5%22 Hard Drive Storage

I have several 3.5″ SATA disk drives that I use with my NewerTech USB dock. Up until recently I have just kept them in a shoe box, with some in anti-static bags. That was not a good solution. I had tried to find disk drive cases at the local Fry’s store, but had no luck. I was able to find a package of KSB 3.5″ Hard Drive Protection Storage Boxes on Amazon.

I order these a short time ago and they have worked perfectly for me. The package came with six assorted color storage cases and that was enough to satisfy all of my current SATA drive needs. These anti-static cases were just what I have been looking for, and they provide much more protection to my drives when they are being handled.

I still keep my disk drives in that same shoe box, but now they are each protected by one of these cases. Since the cases are translucent, I can see the labels on each drive without opening the case. Finding the drive I want is very easy.

If you have disk drives that you are using with an external drive dock, storing them in cases like these is a great idea.


  • Low cost ($3.50 a piece including tax)
  • Anti-static protection
  • Translucent for easy drive identification


  • Had to be mail ordered

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