iOS – Roaming Hunger App

My wife and I took the opportunity this past weekend to explore Austin in search of food trucks we had seen featured on the Unique Sweets TV program. We found  Cow Tipping Creamery and Gourdough’s for some wonderful deserts. Then we visited  Melizoz’s Tacos for lunch.

We were able to find these fairly easily. There is a web site/App I came across in a National Geographic article (“How One Korean Taco Truck Launched an $800 Million Industry“, July 2015) that will help if you are in search of Food Truck opportunities in Austin (they also cover 36 other cities across the US, including San Antonio, Dallas and Houston) called Roaming Hunger. There are also FREE Apps for both iOS and Android so you can find a truck while on the go.


You can find where trucks are located and when they are open. You can even book a Food Truck for your next event through Roaming Hunger. You can find the top Food Trucks in an area, recommend a new Food Truck you have found, so that it may be added to the list or vote for your favorite Food Trucks. I have this App on my iPhone now and look forward to using it to discover interesting dining not only in Austin, but in other cities I might visit.


  • Free
  • Web site, iOS App and Android App
  • Users can add new food trucks as they are found
  • Identifies wide range of food trucks in your area


  • More cities need to be added

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