Conference Calling with

I have used many conference calling facilities over the years, both in business and with volunteer organizations. I am currently the chair of two committees of the Central Texas Section of IEEE and, because our members are spread out over a 100 mile stretch of IH-35 in Central Texas, it is not always possible to have face to face meetings. We had been using a paid service, but one of the committee members suggested that I look at FreeConferenceCalling.

Anyone can sign up for a FreeConferenceCalling account. FreeConferenceCalling limits the free conferencing service to just 10 simultaneous callers, though more can be added for a charge. The meetings I hold all have 10 or fewer members in attendance so this service works very well me.

I signed up and we have now been using FreeConferenceCalling for a few months. While a very few callers to my committee meetings have complained about call quality, overall, I think that the service is quite good. The conference number I was assigned when I signed up is in a different area code, so all of the calls are long distance. However, everyone calling in to my meetings have cell or home service with free long distance so that is not a problem.


  1. Free for up to 10 callers
  2. Anyone can sign up for an account
  3. Additional services can be purchased if needed


  1. Only 10 callers can use service without charge
  2. Users must have phone service with free long distance or they are charged by their phone provider for the call
  3. A few users have complained about call quality

This is a great idea for a small business, small non-profit or even for a family wide conference call.


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