The AllBe1 Personal Security Device


I came across an article yesterday on the AllBe1 and found it very interesting. What is the AllBe1? It is a Indiegogo (crowd funding site) project for a device touted on the web site as “an all-in-one personal security guardian that combines a wide variety of costly devices, into one small & smart device, that does almost everything!

The design for the AllBe1 contains a variety of sensors including an
accelerometer, a thermometer, and sensors for a wide range of light
frequencies. The design will tie to an App on your smart phone (iOS
and Android). The planned App will be Open Source, so other
developers will be able to extend the usefulness of the device. The
AllBe1 web site has several potential applications for the device mostly around security and tracking of pets, kids or devices.

While I am not an investor in the project, I can see many applications for a phone connected inexpensive sensor like this. Since the project has reached 15% of it’s $50,000 goal in just 2 days, it looks likely for it to succeed.

The schedule on the web site projects product availability for December 2015. How could you put one of these to work?

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