Book Review of “The Clouded Sky”


“The Clouded Sky” eBook was published in 2015 (May) and was written by Megan Crewe ( Ms. Crewe has published 6 novels, this being the second of her “Earth & Sky” trilogy.

I obtained a galley of this novel for review through I would categorize this novel as ‘PG’ as there are a few instances of Violence and intimate moments. This Young Adult Science Fiction novel is set in contemporary times. An alien race has placed Earth in a time bubble and has been manipulating Earth’s history for centuries. The primary characters are 17 year old Skylar, a High School Senior, and Jule, who is a few years older than Skylar and one of the aliens.

This novel picks up immediately after the first novel (“Earth & Sky”) ends. Skylar has agreed to join Win and his colleagues as they return to their home, Kemya, to continue the fight. They determine that Skylar should live with Jules as his ‘pet’ earthling. Skylar discovers that most of the people from Kemya look down on the earthlings. She finds that there is even a zoo of sorts with earthlings on display.

The group, with help from Skylar, continue to work towards their goal of destroying the satellite that is generating the time bubble. They soon decide that there is a traitor in their midst as the Enforcers seem to show up too frequently for it to be simple chance. Skylar makes surprising progress learning the Kemyan language. The group arranges for Skylar to attend some Kenyan functions and pick up what she can, as being an earthling, no one expects her to be able to understand their conversations.

Skylar starts out with Jule reluctantly, but as they spend more time together their feelings for one another rapidly grow and surpass the simple kiss she had shared with Win. As they approach the time to strike the satellite, Skylar uncovers the traitor, and they must commit immediately to attempting to destroy the time bubble generator.

I spent a little less than 8 hours with this novel and frankly enjoyed it more than the first volume. There is more suspense and thrills with this novel. I give this novel a 3.9 (rounded up to 4) out of 5.

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