iOS Tip – Taking a Screen Shot

As I test, then write about an App on my iDevice (iPhone or iPad), I
often want to include a picture showing the App in action. That is very easy to do on your iOS device if it is running iOS 2.0 or later.

Bring up the App you want to take the screen shot of. Now press the
‘Lock/Power Button’ at the top of your iDevice, and while holding that down, press the ‘Menu Button’ at the bottom of your device. If
you have successfully taken a screen shot the screen will briefly flash white and you may hear the camera ‘shutter sound’. NOTE: You
can also take a screen shot holding the buttons down in the other order. In either case you have to be pretty quick on the button clicks, otherwise your iDevice will either think you are trying to shut it down or get Siri’s attention.

iOS Tip - Taking a Screen ShotAny screen shots you have taken will appear in the Photos App. To get them to my Mac to include in an article I am writing, I open the ‘Photos’ App find the image I want to use and select it. Then I click on the ‘Share’ icon. I can then choose how to ‘Share’ the image, and I use one of my favorite Apps,  Dropbox,  to easily transport the image from my iDevice to my Mac.

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