iOS – Manything

IMG_0093I came across the Manything App a short time ago. The Manything App is currently free and allows you to set up an iOS device as a remote video monitor using the device’s built in camera, then view it remotely on another iOS device. With Manything you can record video to the cloud or watch the stream live (image is of App on iPad Air 2 viewing video from iPod). Viewing can be through an iOS device with Manything installed or through a browser on any computer (Flash is required) through their web interface. Monitoring can be either full video, or a stills taken at configurable intervals. Manything also works with IFTTT so you can automate actions when Manything detects motion.

Advanced features of the App include:

  • motion detection zones
  • continued operation even without power (as long as device battery lasts) or network connection
  • detailed metadata (timeline showing periods of sound and motion)

Manything works with any iOS device that runs iOS 6 or later. This includes iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. I tested this out using an 4th generation iPod Touch that has been collecting dust since I got my iPhone. I updated the software on it and then installed Manything. I configured it to be in ‘Camera’ mode. I then installed the Manything App on my iPhone 5 and set it in ‘Viewer’ mode. I started the Manything App on my iPod and placed it in the front window of my office, then hit the record button to activate the stream. I could then start the App on my iPhone and go anywhere in my home viewing out my front window using

I can see this as a great App to use when traveling to monitor your home, or to check on children who are at home before you are able to get home from work. It has many possibilities. It is also a great way to put your old iOS devices to use.

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