Book Review of “The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms”

“The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms” was published in 2009 and was written by N. K. Jemisin ( Ms. Jemisin has published 6 novels, this is the first of her “The Inheritance Trilogy”.

I obtained a galley of this novel (as part of the combined Trilogy volume) for review through I would categorize this novel as ‘R’ as there are instances of Mature Situations and Violence. This Fantasy novel is set in a world other than Earth. The primary character is Yeine Darr who is 19 at the time the story begins.

Yeine comes from the barbaric far northern lands. She comes to the capital city of Sky at the summons of her grandfather, Dekarta, who is head of the powerful Arameri family. For all practical purposes he is the ruler of their world.

Yeine is unexpectedly named as an heir, putting her into contention with her two cousins. Only one can be the head of the family, and nothing will stop Yeine’s cousins from achieving that goal, including blackmail and murder.

Added to this intrigue are Gods and Godlings with their magic abilities. They are under control of the Arameri family, almost as slaves and they all greatly resent the position they are in. There are also a few humans that have magic abilities, though not as powerful as the Godlings. Yeine sees little chance for herself to survive, but she desperately wants to find out what was behind her mother’s mysterious death.

The story is full of action and political intrigue. There is also a good deal of philosophical discussion regarding the Gods, Godlings and humans. I enjoyed the nearly 9 hours I spent with this first installment of the trilogy. The Godlings were an interesting twist to a Fantasy story. I give this novel a 4 out of 5.

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