Book Review of “Test of Magnitude”

“Test of Magnitude” was published in 2014 and was written by Andy Kasch. Mr. Kasch has written three novels, this is the first of his “Torian Reclamation” series.

I obtained a galley of this novel for review through I would categorize this Science Fiction novel as ‘R’ as there are instances of Violence. The novel is set in contemporary times, but in a universe that is full of alien races.

The primary character, Brandon Foss, becomes one of several earthlings to be taken by the Torians on visits to Earth. All Brandon remembers are some strangely dressed characters that he followed into a park. He is woken up to find himself with another human who seems to be from the 60s of Earth. They soon find that they are the first and last of earthlings to have been abducted by the Torians.

They have been woken up from deep sleep after a few decades because of the request of Arkan9, a Sheen living on Banor. Bangor is one of the two worlds that make up the Tor system. Akron9 is thought to be the first prophet in many years, and his predictions are dire.

Brandon soon finds himself involved in a political struggle within the Tor system, and before long involved in the first space war in hundreds of years. Even though the Torians kidnapped him, Brandon finds himself in the position of helping protect their planets and culture. He also sees his assistance as a way to setting the remaining humans free.

I spent about 6 hours with this novel and found it to be enjoyable. The major plot lines of this novel were wrapped up, but certainly there is plenty left for the follow on novels in the series. I liked the characters created for the novel, they were all unique. I also felt that the plot kept me engaged. I give this novel a 4 out of 5.

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