iPhone Tip – The Built In Level

I have used the built in Compass App a couple of time on my iPhone, but recently I came across a feature of that App I was not aware of. The Compass App has a built in level!

If you have iOS 7 or later on your phone, then open the Compass App, then once you see the compass on the display, swipe the screen left. That will bring up a level.

ece46f02f4d92f79eb6dd5226a9cf516976aeac5Lay your iPhone flat on a surface and you will see a pair of disks that shows the angle of the surface the iPhone is laying on and the slope of the surface.

2f4ab3881dd1f47b537bd184fdf651f8ac983071If you set your iPhone on edge on a surface, you get a display that is more like you are used to on a bubble level.

This isn’t something that I will use every day, but it adds one more feature to my iPhone.

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