Austria, Vienna: Sacher Cafe

Sacher CafeYou may or may not heard of it, but Sacher-Torte is a world famous type of cake. This was created by the staff of the Sacher Hotel in 1832 and the exact recipe remains a well kept secret.

I was fortunate enough to be in Vienna in early December of 2014, it being one of the stops of the Viking River Cruise we we taking. It was a cold and wet day, so we decided to make our way to the Hotel Sacher and sample some of the deserts at the Cafe Sacher.

12 desertsWe were traveling with another couple and the four of us were seated in the dining room near the table that held their various deserts. Looking them over and not being able to decide which to order, and being “Crazy Americans”, we ordered one of everything. We ended up with 13 different deserts. We each sampled them all, and each ended up with a different favorite. The picture only shows 12 of the deserts as the 13th was a refrigerated desert.

I was fortunate to find the Sacher-Torte my favorite and ended up with almost all of it to myself. I can heartily say though that all of the deserts were wonderful. If you find yourself in Vienna, I can readily recommend a visit to Cafe Sacher.

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