FOSS Under OS X: Gramps

I have an on-going project to research my family history. A program that I have been using to help document that is Gramps. This is an active Open Source project with multiple releases per year. Gramps is cross platform with versions available for Linux, Windows, OS X and BSD.

Gramps includes a full set of features that anyone wishing to document their family history might want:

  • A dashboard to help you monitor the progress of your research.
    A variety of widgets provide quick analysis of your data and
  • A list of every individual in your records featuring
    birth/death dates and more.
  • A summary of the active person’s parents, siblings, spouses
    and children.
  • A list of every family group featuring parent names,
    relationship status and, if applicable, marriage dates.
  • A graphic representation of the active person’s ancestry
    featuring photos and birth/death dates.
  • A list of every event in your records featuring descriptions,
    event types, dates and places.
  • And much more

I have been entering my data now for about the past year and find this program comparable to the popular commercial software. The web site includes documentation as well as tutorials. If you are interested in documenting hour family history, this is a low cost, yet highly functional solution.

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