Book Review of “A Vision of Fire”

“A Vision of Fire” was published in 2014 and was co-authored by Gillian Anderson and Jeff Rovin. This is Ms. Anderson’s first novel, while Mr. Rovin has published more than 15 other novels.

I obtained a galley of this novel for review through The novel is written in the third person and is set mostly in contemporary New York, New York. The primary view point is from Caitlin O’Hara a well known child psychologist. India and Pakistan are on the brink of what many feel will be a nuclear war. Ganak Pawar the UN representative from India is a prime driver in the the on going peace process.

After a thwarted attack on his life, Ganak’s teenage daughter begins to have violent and strange visions. Dr. O’Hara is called in to quietly treat the girl. Discretion is required in order for the peace negotiations to not be disrupted. Soon Dr. O’Hara discovers that there are other young people in far flung locations around the world who are suffering in similar ways to Ganak’s daughter. She also finds evidence of strange behavior by animals in various locations.

As you may recall, Gillian Anderson played a significant role in the ‘X Files’ TV series and movies. This story fits rite into that vein. There is intrigue, suspense and and the touch of unknown powers throughout this story. I found the plot to be very engaging and I liked all of the characters. The way the books ends, I would be surprised if there was not a sequel. I thoroughly enjoyed the 6 hours I spend with this novel and give it a 5 out of 5.

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