Book Review of “Exidon: The New Captain”

“Exidon: The New Captain” was published in 2014 and was written by D. A. Workman. This is Mr. Workman’s first publication.

I obtained a galley of this novel for review through I would categorize this novel as ‘R’ as there is Mature Language and Mature Situations. The novel is written in the third person and in contemporary times. The primary characters are Jill and Sally Williams.

The story starts when Jill and Sally are 14 and have just started High School. Both girls are being constantly accosted by all the boys around them – groped at in the school halls, subjected to lewd calls. Jill’s stepfather is being overly attentive and she runs away before he can force himself on her. She is abducted by aliens and she continues to be pursued by them after she has been released.

Sally missed her friend Jill. Sally attracts one domineering, looser boy friend after another. She finally gets engaged, but he is controlling and abusive. Sally has dreamed of having her own space craft and exploring the universe. She has always been interested in space and alien abductions, but the boys around her have beat her down, never letting her pursue her interests. Sally runs away from her abusive finance and is herself abducted by aliens. With them she finds the ship of her dreams.

I found this book rather odd. It could have been a Young Adult book, but I believe there was far too much implied sex for that. Also, while it started when she was 14, the majority of the story happens when she is 20. The story seems to end abruptly and there is no clear plot – Just Sally and Jill surviving with no particular end goal. I give this novel a 3 out of 5.

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