Book Review of “The Time Roads”

“The Time Roads” was published in 2014 (October) and was written by Beth Bernobich ( Ms. Bernobich had written 7 novels. The eBook is available on Amazon.

I obtained this novel for free in advance through for review. The book was written in the third person and is a combination of Time Travel, Steampunk, Mystery and Thriller. Most of the novel is set in Eire (Ireland), though in truth it is really four interrelated short stories rather than a novel. The primary characters are Aine Lasairiona Devereaux, Breandan O’Cuillnn, and Aidrean O’Deaghaidh.

Aine is eighteen when the stories begin and unexpectedly becomes Queen of Eire when her father dies. She has seen a demonstration by Aidrean of his experiments and, once Queen, expands the support her father had extended to him.

Breandan is a scientist and he experiments with time. He believes he will eventually be able to communicate, if not send a person, through time. After Breandan moves his laboratory to the castle at Aine’s request, they gradually become lovers.

Aidrean is a soldier who is appointed body guard to Aine. Aine trusts Aidrean and she often sends him on special missions on her behalf. Aine and Aidrean share a close bond, more than she simply being his Queen.

The setting is in a world much like our own at the beginning of the 20th century, though in this timeline Eire is the dominant political power over the Irish and British Isles. Airship travel is in vogue between major cities of Europe. I liked the characters for the most part, and the pace kept things moving and my interest up. Of the four stories, I least enjoyed the second. I give this novel a 4 out of 5.

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