Book Review of “The Lost Prince”

“The Lost Prince” was published in 2013 and is the first of the “Star chase” series. It was written by Saxon Andrew who has published more than 30 books. The eBook is available on Amazon.

I obtained this novel for free through This is a Science Fiction novel and I would label it as a Space Opera. In fact it reminded me quite a bit of books written by E. E. “Doc” Smith ( in the 1930s – 50s.

I at first wanted to stop reading the novel, but I held on and I am glad that I did. This is not a deep novel with rich characters. Once I accepted that and took it for the pulp fiction story that it is, I enjoyed it.

Prince Britain Ian Montgomery is one of the few surviving Royals. Most of the others were killed in an attack by the Rebels. The story follows Ian as he avoids both the Rebels and the Union who are looking for him. As he hides, Ian makes friends and develops an interest in a young woman.

As he and his companions struggle to find a way to oppose the threat of the Rebels, they discover the first evidence of non-humans. The struggle soon changes from opposing the Rebels, to finding a way for humanity to survive and remain free.

The novel contains near constant action. It could easily have been a Saturday morning serial thriller with each episode leaving the reader on the edge of their seat. As mentioned before, the characters are not very deep. I found it odd too that multiple times “inferred” was used instead of “infrared”. On the whole I enjoyed the 4.5 hours spend reading the 272 page book. I would rate this somewhere between PG and R, only leaning towards the R for some violence. I rate this book a 4 our of 5.

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