Book Review of “Cop Town”

“Cop Town” was published in 2014 (June) and was written by Karin Slaughter ( Ms. Slaughter has so far published nearly 20 novels. This novel is available through Amazon. I was provided this novel through NetGalley ( for pre-publication review.

This novel is set in 1975 Atlanta, Georgia and is written in the third person. The novel opens on the first day at being a police officer for Kate Murphy. She is young and beautiful. Most of the Atlanta police force is male, and few believe that women should be on the force. This is an eventful first day at work as the serial cop killer known as “The Shooter” has struck again killing the 5th officer.

Patrolman Jimmy Lawson’s partner was shot and though Jimmy struggled to save him, he died. Jimmy’s sister Maggie, also a police officer has questions about how Jimmy said it all happened, but her brother won’t talk to her and her uncle Terry, a police Sergeant, bullies her into dropping it.

Kate is briefly paired with Jimmy Lawson. Jimmy, in fact all of the Atlanta police, are all out for blood to revenge the killings. Jimmy dumps Kate on his sister Maggie and goes off to investigate on his own. Kate feels totally inept, but learns quickly from the few other women officers.

Kate and Maggie follow some of their own leads, but are blocked along the way by the other officers because of their gender. Kate though she has an Irish surname, is jewish. Her husband of only two years having been killed in action in Vietnam.

Both Kate and Maggie fight prejudice as they delve deeper into the serial killings, and are shocked at what they uncover. They also find themselves in the thick of action and danger from time to time. They struggle not only with criminals, but with their fellow officers as well.

I thought that this novel was well written, and the characters interesting. It shines a light on a time of change and prejudice in America as the two women investigate. I have not read any of Ms. Slaughter’s other novels, but thoroughly enjoyed this one. I give it a 5 out of 5.

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