Book Review of “Absolute Zero”

“Absolute Zero” was published in 1999 and was written by Frederick Aldrich. Mr. Aldrich has written four novels. The eBook is available from Amazon.

This is written in the third person with the action taking place in several places around the world in the late 90’s. A combined operation between Cuba and middle eastern terrorists threatens the US. Principals in the story are Cuban leaders (thinly disguised from Fidel Castro and his brother), American intelligence and military, as well as the terrorists. The primary hero figure does not appear until almost a third of the way through the novel.

It took me a little over 13 hours to read this novel. I enjoyed the novel, though it would have been better if I had read it closer to 1999 as it did seem a little dated. There were more editing errors than I expected in the novel. In the parts of the story set in Cuba, conversations were a mix of English and Spanish, which was a little odd. The novels started with action, but then slowed down for a few chapters, but did pick up. I give this a 4 out of 5.

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