Book Review of “Lie Catchers”

“Lie Catchers” was published in 2014 and was written by Rolynn Anderson ( Ms. Anderson has written four novels. This eBook is available through Amazon.

The novel is a mystery set in contemporary Petersburgh, Alaska and written in the third person. After a Petersburgh resident is found drowned near Seattle, Washington, Treasury Agent Parker Browne is sent to investigate because of financial irregularities surrounding the victim. Parker begins his investigation posing as a Seattle PD detective to keep a lid on the financial aspect of the crime. The investigation quickly stalls as there are many suspects. The victim, Everett “Ev” Olson, in addition to the questionable finances had been a womanizer back in Petersburgh, and there were many who had a motive to harm Ev.

Parker meets and makes friends with many of the Petersburgh residents during the weeks of his investigation. He suspects several of them of hiding something, but he is unable to compile enough evidence to point to the killer. Parker also gets close to one of the suspects, Liv Hanson. Liv is sister of the local police chief, and is trying to establish herself as a writer, while trying to expand the business her mother has been running. As the investigation continues there are other deaths and threats to Parker, not to mention twists and turns that maintain the reader’s interest.

I enjoyed the seven or so hours I spent reading this novel. I would categorize the novel as R (barely) for mature situations and language. The plot was interesting and the characters were well developed. There is a little romance, a little action, and a lot of suspense. I give this novel a 5 out of 5.

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