Book Review of “Investigating the Hottie”

“Investigating the Hottie” was published in 2013 and is the first in a series. The book was written by Juli Alexander ( Ms. Alexander has published seven novels, including recently the sequel to this book “Undercover with the Hottie”. This eBook is available on Amazon.

This is a Young Adult Romance/Thriller set in contemporary times. Amanda Peterson is 15 and goes to spend a week during fall break with her aunt Christie to get away from home and her divorcing parents. Her aunt has always been a wild card in the family and a perpetual student. Amanda is shocked when she arrives and her aunt meets her looking . . . normal.

The shocks continue as Amanda finds that she has unknowingly been going through training, at the request of her aunt, for the past few years to be an agent for the Global Agency for Shared Intelligence (GASI). This is because her aunt is an agent and wanted to bring Amanda into the organization.

Her aunt asks Amanda to take an assignment during her visit to watch a boy at a local High School. Amanda takes the assignment to get close to Will Middleton who they think may be responsible for computer hacking. While Amanda is investigating Will, her aunt Christie and her partner Nic Maxwel are following other leads.

There is some romance and a little excitement in the story. I really felt it was more of a romance than a thriller. The novel also seemed to be targeted at very young teenage girls. The plot was very simple. The situations were never more than PG with no adult language. Fortunately it only took 3 hours to read this novel.

I rate this a 3 out of 5.

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