Book Review of “Haven: A Stranger Magic”

“Haven: A Stranger Magic” was published in 2013 and is the first novel by D. C. Akers ( This is the first book in the “Haven” series. Mr. Akers has published three books. This eBook is available on Amazon and is currently free to download.

I obtained this novel for free through This story is a Young Adult Fantasy told third person. The story is set somewhere in Texas, though the exact location is never identified. The story surrounds Samuel “Sam” Dalcome and his sister Sarah. Sam is 13 while his sister is a in High School. The story begins just a few days before school is to let out for the summer.

Sam is having a recurring nightmare. Then one night he wakes up and looks out of his bedroom window to see a man standing across the street in the shadows watching his room. As Sam watches he is amazed to see the man disappear.

Sarah has experienced some strange occurrences around her when she gets angry. She is troubled with her life and scared by what has happened around her.

I enjoyed this novel, but at only 136 pages it ended far too quickly after a little over two hours of reading. It does little more than introduce you to the characters, and start to set up the plot when the story abruptly ends. It only succeeds in wetting the appetite for the sequel “Haven: Revenge of the Viper” which is much longer. I give this novel a 4 out of 5, withholding a higher rating because of the abrupt end.

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